Tire industry, the introduction of structural adju

Encourage the development of safe, energy saving, environmental protection, high-performance radial tires, giant OTR, wide cross-section, a flat tire and passenger tubeless radial truck tires. 2015, passenger car radial tire of the rate of 100% of light truck radial tires 85%, rate of radial truck tires up to 90%; focus on engineering radial tires, radial tires and low-speed air vehicle tire development.

Encourage car companies assemble new tire products to improve the domestic passenger car and truck assembly rate of radial tires, basically the assembly in 2015 and tubeless tire of the meridian. Strictly limit the development of bias tire, in addition to aircraft tires, but no additional bias tire production capacity. Its annual output of 500,000 out of the following natural cotton bias tires and tire cord fabric production line for the skeleton. Limited development of tire radial truck tires.

"Policy" also pointed out the need to accelerate development of isoprene rubber, halogenated butyl rubber and other species, increasing butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber and other varieties of synthetic rubber grades, and gradually increase the proportion of synthetic rubber used and the development of production capacity. Encourage new structure of steel cord and high modulus, low shrinkage polyester cord fabric, tire cord fabric of high tenacity nylon tire reinforcing materials such as the development and use of aramid fibers to accelerate industrialization and application development.


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