WACKER display pieces for the production of compos

Optimization of composite parts of the production process is the introduction of a milestone reusable vacuum enclosures. Compared with the traditional thin-film technology, using it can make the series production of composite parts was simpler, lower cost and faster.

This innovative technology is based on the Wacker silicone rubber products ELASTOSIL ® C 150 and ELASTOSIL ® C 1200. They are platinum catalyzed Truck Tyre cross-linking of the two sub-silicone rubber, with production of high quality vacuum cover the key performance requirements. For example, ELASTOSIL ® C 150 has low viscosity and a few minutes at room temperature hardening of the advantages of no shrinkage. Larger size for the production of vacuum enclosures developed ELASTOSIL ® C 1200 can process significantly extended the time for OTR Tyre nearly 20 minutes. This enables the system to do the vacuum hood for specific applications, especially for small boats, aircraft and wind power equipment industry. Because this process is very economic, so cost savings can be significant.

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