Rhodia Silica Qingdao, the project will reach 17 m

21, a reporter from the High-tech Zone, Qingdao City, Shandong Province was informed that a total investment of 800 million yuan of the OTR Truck French Rhodia Silica Qingdao item 20 in production, annual output will reach 17 million tons, becoming the world's largest tire wear agent base, while automobile tire-related products, will reduce the resistance tires, car tires down resistance 5% -7% after the fuel-efficient.

20, High-tech Zone Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay in the north park, built in 2008, the French investment in Rhodia Silica project was formally put into production. According to reports, the production of silica tires wear agent added important material, the total Truck Tyre investment of about 8 billion yuan, an investment of about 5 billion yuan, covering about 100 acres and an annual output of 7.2 million tons highly dispersed silica, total capacity could reach an annual output of 17 million tons, the project put into operation in Qingdao, Rhodia Silica into a new world-class production-scale plant. The project adopts the international advanced technology, production of low rolling resistance, high-performance energy efficient green tire silica, added to tire after about 20% can reduce tire rolling resistance tires, make light of transport fuel consumption reduced by 5 % -7%, will effectively promote the "green tire" of production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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