National "tire industry policy" introduced to curb

It is understood that there are about 1,000 domestic tire companies, many private enterprises showing a tire, "the small, many, scattered, low," and so on. The Ministry of Industry made it clear that, to encourage enterprises with comparative advantages, through the powerful combination, brand share, sales integration, etc., behind the merger and restructuring troubled enterprises and enterprises to promote the advantages of corporate resources to focus on Truck Tyre, and promote enterprise development to the group , increased industrial concentration, optimization of organizational structure; guide enterprises cluster development, optimize the layout of the structure; speed up eliminating backward production capacity, promote the product structure adjustment and upgrading.

In the "tire industry policy" in the tire industry to curb overcapacity intention is very obvious. Policy states: new, renovation and expansion project truck radial tires, a form should reach an annual production capacity of more than 1.2 million; built or extended light truck radial tires and passenger car radial tire project, a form should reach an annual production OTR Tyre capacity of 600 million or more. Built or extended load, light truck, passenger car radial tire hybrid projects, single-variety production capacity must meet these requirements. "Policy" also stipulates that, in addition to the relocation and transformation of existing enterprises (including mergers and acquisitions), the restructuring and revitalization of the industrial period (2009-2011), the no longer new, expanded tire project.

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