White carbon black production and demand four-whee

It is understood that currently directly involved in the production of precipitated silica are about 59 manufacturers, with a total production capacity was 117.1 million tons, is expected to yield 85.6 million tons this year. The East and Central South region is concentrated area of rubber and footwear industry, precipitated silica 90% of enterprises Truck Tyre in East and Central South regions, and concentrated in Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hunan, 4 provinces. At present, China has become a net exporter of silica, the main exports to South Korea and Southeast Asia. White carbon black in China in 2009 the export tax rebate increase from zero to 9%, driven substantially increased silica export volume, total exports reached 30 million tons last year. 1 May this year, China imports about 4 silica tons and export volume has exceeded 15 million tons, the export situation for the better.

CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Engineering Research and Design Institute, said Professor Zhu Chunyu, with the capacity and technology has improved continuously, the domestic precipitated silica product quality has been basically able to meet the needs OTR Tyre of domestic and foreign markets. He analyzed that the future growth in demand for precipitated silica areas of focus in the following areas.


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