TEKNOR APEX SARLINK with the completion of the acq

Sarlink business, including employees, technology, equipment and compound sales offices on three continents, has now become the company Teknor Apex Thermoplastic Elastomers part. Teknor Apex Suresh Swaminathan, vice president, said the business will be under the company's thermoplastic elastomer division, the use of Sarlink ® brand supply products to ensure that users of Sarlink ® TPV compounds, the service continuity. At the same time, Swaminathan said, Sarlink joined the business will enhance a variety of compounds, Teknor Apex as the ability of a single supplier.

Swaminathan to the automotive industry, for example, pointed out that the auto market is the largest market Sarlink TPV products, and Teknor Apex has long been supplied to the automotive market, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Truck Tyre vinyl compounds and nylon compounds. In the U.S., the company will continue to Rochester Hills, Mich., a Detroit-area office, the vehicle manufacturer to carry out sales and support services, while the use of different synergies between business units.

"After the acquisition Sarlink, Teknor Apex to become the most diversified business thermoplastic elastomer compound enterprise, supply eight categories of different polyolefins, styrene and TPV compounds, in the automotive, consumer, industrial, health care, wire and cable and packaging market, accounted for solid position, "Swaminathan said:" With such a wide range of product availability, we can according to customer's specific applications, to propose the most suitable recommendations TPE formulations, and by experienced technical and engineering support staff to provide support. "

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