Qingdao Exhibition in Essen Tire Show Tire

In the fourth Asian Essen Tire Show, we have applied for a special booth on the CTF2011, advocacy and promotion, attracted many professional visitors and buyers at home and abroad, they tire of Qingdao showed great interest in exhibitions, participate in Essen exhibition Many of the professional media have taken the initiative to express our willingness to cooperate on the stand. During the exhibition, in addition to visiting the exhibition have been enrolled in the triangle tire Qingdao, exquisite, double the money, a mountain, your wheel, Wanda, Silver Pearl,Truck Tyre Prudential and other well-known tire companies, the organizing committee also has to visit and negotiate through other means, to China Chemical Rubber Corporation, Hangzhou Zhongce, Jiangsu speeding, United Arab Emirates Global companies such as Sun introduced and recommended tire exhibition in Qingdao, and to discuss the proposed preferential policies and participants involved in the program. 3-day exhibition in Essen referral process more than 1,000 Chinese Communists were distributing promotional material, non-woven bag 5000, "China's tire business directory Handbook " more than 300 of this. With a total of nearly tire manufacturers, traders and producers to contact the tire accessories, in addition to OTR Tyre tires for 167 overseas buyers information.

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