Should Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Become Man

There are many manufacturers that already use this technology on their vehicles. It is most common on cars that have been designed around the use of run flat tyre technology.  With the cost of TPMS reaching around the £250 mark, there have been many stern warnings from nearly all car manufacturers indicating that prices are set to rise when the new piece of legislation comes into play.

It is not only the car manufacturers that see this new law as a bad thing. Autoexpress.co.uk have quoted Vanessa Guyll, technical specialist at The AA, as saying, "It will increase costs. And if you have to replace a tyre then the system will need to be reset, and you’ll have to buy a new valve sensor.”

The autoexpress.co.uk article also has Vanessa Guyll going on to question the safety aspects of the TPMS. She said, “They’re good in principle but they’re not a replacement for regularly checking your tyres. They don’t catch problems such as uneven wear and bulges.”

Many people within the tyre industry, like Vanessa, believe that these systems, albeit are able to warn you when the pressure of your tyre is dropping, actually make motorists even lazier when it comes to making regular tyre safety checks. A concern for many is that people will not make inspections of their tyres because they will rely too heavily on the TPMS.

With over a year until the new law comes into place, we are sure that there will be lots more backlash to this EU ruling.

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