China Rubber Industry 2010 Top Ten News

China Rubber Industry Association recently concluded the "2010 Top Ten China Rubber Industry", Review of the industry with the development of rubber industry in China in 2010 a major event.

 China Rubber Industry 2010 Top Ten are the record high price of natural rubber "tire industry policy, " the official release, the preparation of the Chinese Rubber Industry Association, "Five-second the rubber industry development plan Guidelines", in the rubber and the International Rubber Association First joint meeting of unprecedented research organizations, the 60th anniversary of the school of Qingdao University, concerned about the emerging strategic resources, gutta percha, synthetic rubber products in short supply and technical capacity has been exceeded, safety, environmental protection, green tire into the mainstream trend, in the rubber boot Association Recommended hundred companies, brand products, the integrity of rubber tire dealers and traders integrity activities, low-carbon economy and technological innovation for the rubber industry restructuring.
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