External and internal situation of China's tire wi

So far this year in August, the main raw material of natural rubber tire prices continue to surge, now more than 3 million mark and still continue to create a record high. On the other hand, the United States, India, the European Union and other countries on China OTR tire, radial tire anti-dumping investigation, make China's tire exports difficult.

Statistics show that the relevant departments, rubber prices have doubled in a year: in October last year, the spot price of 1.6 yuan / ton, and this year Nov. 11 in a product price has reached 35,400 yuan / ton. The rubber prices rally still no end in sight, and the resulting production cost of rubber products surged, production and operations unsustainable. China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch official said, the first 9 months of this year, the statistics of the 43 tire production costs by nearly 30%, profits have fallen 20.6%. Efficiency has been a marked decline in loss-making enterprises increased. Tires from China Rubber Industry Association branch in the first 7 months of the statistical report shows that 43 companies in 10 loss-making enterprises, 23.3% loss, the loss amounted to 222 million. The tire company has released more than three quarterly reports show that the profits of the tire industry is not optimistic. Industry insiders estimate that there may be 4-quarter industry-wide losses, will lead to China's Truck tire companies are facing an embarrassing situation.


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