Run Flat Tyre Confusion

Recently there seems to have been a bit of confusion when it comes to run flat tyres and whether it is ok to replace them with non-run flats.

Run flat tyres are not only a innovative way to keep on driving in the cases of tyre failure but, they are also a vital part of the suspension system and handling capabilities of a car which has been designed around run flat tyre technology. If a non run flat tyre is fitted on such a car, these very important components then become significantly impaired. This increases the chances of the driver being involved in an accident.

Over the years there have been numerous leaflets handed out to garages and retailers from the National Tyre Distribution Association (NTDA) explaining that in certain cases and on certain vehicles run flat rims are specifically designed to only work with run flat tyres.

If you have your car – with run flat rims – fitted with a tyre that does not have run flat technology, you could find that your insurance immediately becomes void. So, if you are then involved in an accident, you could be held accountable, with no financial cover to protect you.

So, it is highly advisable to all owners of cars (for example BMWs) that have been designed with run flat tyres in mind, to buy new run flat tyres when it comes time to replace your old set. That is unless you get specifically written confirmation from the car manufacturer saying that it is ok to fit non run flats.

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