To the green tire waste tire recycling development

At present, the increasing consumption of car tires, how to handle a large number of scrap tires will not cause environmental pollution? Recently, located in Tianjin Kumho Tire (China) R & D center's data show that the tire manufacturing industry can take advantage of more mature international Waste tire processing projects - TDF waste tire recycling thermal power projects combined to solve this environmental problem.

Today, low-carbon green "green" tire is the development direction of the industry, known as the "black gold" of the tire industry forward "green energy" force, from the R & D to raw materials selection, the "black" color industry is change "green." The research shows that reuse of scrap tires using thermal combined power generation projects, a 75% of scrap tires can be used for power generation of the project, the remaining material of the rubber powder, steel and other recyclable. The project is capable of handling 14 million per year of waste tires, 90,000 tons TDF fuel generating capacity equivalent to burning 20 million tons of coal, renewable energy projects through the above to achieve energy saving environmental protection, and through the waste tire recycling, and finally to prevent the waste tires will be abandoned in the nature and pollute the environment.
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