Tire Technology Summit 2010 held in Shanghai

After years of efforts, China has quickly become a major player in the international tire industry and plays a significant impact. Tire production and export volume has occupied leading position in the world. But in recent years as rising raw material prices, the national macro-control policy constraints, and foreign technical barriers and increase trade friction, especially in the case of special protection in 2009, making the development of China's tire industry is facing a severe situation.

2010.5 25 -26, Shanghai, "the second session of the Tire Technology Summit 2010" will be held in the first session of the General Assembly on the basis of a successful, continue to monitor the tire industry's most cutting-edge technology and trends, interpret policies and regulations worldwide, and more broadly involved in the tire industry, upstream and downstream. The conference will draw from the tire manufacturing and vehicle manufacturers, world-renowned universities and research institutions, the world's leading testing and certification institutions, about 200 experts and scholars. Taking into account coincides with the meeting held during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the organizing committee specially organized lectures and VIP guests of the Expo day visit.

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