Rubber production cuts caused by drought, or 20%

"If we continue to dry, the rubber must be big cuts this year!" Yesterday (March 24), braved 30 degree heat, fifth in Jinghong farm field seven of the original team captain Zhou Aimin, pointing to hoe Jinghong City Ge, a hillside village on the rubber, said that this year production will be reduced by 20% to 30%.

"April is the tapping around the peak of water is large rubber tree", Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops Research Associate Huzhuo Yong said that if this critical period can not ensure adequate moisture, the growth of rubber tree will be greatly affected.

"Capital with the possibility of drought is growing speculation," Zhuo record information on the construction of natural rubber Lei, an analyst said the stock has been pre-plastic company to digest about 70%, user needs, drought cut the soil to provide for capital speculation.

3 / 4 bed naked rubber cut about 20% of the main producing areas
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