Effectiveness of the domestic rubber industry

Seventh Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum 28-29 May 2010 at the Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The following is a Fan Rende China Rubber Industry Association Secretary-General's speech at the forum summary.

Fan Rende: 2010 is the implementation of the final year of Eleventh Five Year Plan, for resolving the international financial crisis and the enormous damage caused trade friction, ensuring stable and rapid development of China's rubber industry, for the second five starts is very important to lay a good foundation significance. China's rubber industry this year, the economic situation is not optimistic about the operation, from the external market environment, the U.S. safeguard action in the year 2009, no significant impact on the industry's performance out. Forum May 1-9 this year, 35% tariff increase, this year the tire industry safeguard against the worst year in China. China's tire exports to the U.S. 1-3 months decreased 18%, the year will affect the United States out of more than 2000 million sets of tires, the implementation of EU environmental barriers on imported tires, will seriously affect China's tire exports. Especially in the recent debt crisis occurred in Greece, the EU has affected the country's economic recovery, the appreciation of the RMB against the euro has reached 14.5%, which would seriously affect China's tires and other rubber products exports to the EU.
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