How to buy a good Truck Tires?


Buy Truck Tiresmust first determine the vehicle 's first tyre specification. Usually car tire specifications identifier is ***\/** R***, are part of digital ( for example: 205\/55R16 ).

This note is, buy the tire specifications must be the original car assembly and tire specifications, such as the need to change the specifications of tire must go to the professional shop converted tire upgrades, or consulting car manufacturer. In the purchase of the tyre, you need to fully consider the performance of the vehicle, driving habits and hobbies, the road conditions and climatic conditions, and then according to Jin Branch of tire product positioning to choosing your tires.

Different specifications available pattern is not the same. The same is Jin Branch brand of tires, a different pattern represents the different product positioning. ( for example: PRIMACY LC Hiroetsu belongs to comfortable pattern, PILOT SPORT 3 belongs to the movement pattern ).

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