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TDI production capacity is expanding rapidly chang

Chang Yi-che, TDI rapid increase in production capacity in China is mainly driven by market demand. At present, very rapid domestic economic development, China on the sofa, cushions, mattresses, car seats sponge consumer demand, and thus boost the demand for the domestic market for TDI, so TDI capacity expansion of domestic demand has a certain market. According to the Investment Adviser's "2010-2015 China Polyurethane Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in 2006 the apparent consumption of TDI is Truck Tyre about 33.7 million tons, estimated that by 2010, domestic demand will reach TDI 470,000 tons or so.

Yi-Chi Chang also pointed out that international TDI production capacity to gradually shift to the Asian region is one of the factors of TDI production capacity. Chang Yi-che, TDI is highly toxic chemicals, as in Europe and America and other Western countries the increasing demand for environmental protection, these countries continue to shut down TDI manufacturers in Europe and America in the TDI production capacity, the TDI production line and gradually shift to the Asian region . In China, the world's largest developing country, with vast market potential. OTR Tyre Moreover, China's environmental protection measures and related policies are not perfect, the international transfer of production capacity TDI important choice objects, thus increasing the capacity of domestic TDI. For example, BASF has invested in Shanghai TDI production capacity of 16 million tons; Bayer Building in Shanghai, the yield of 16 tons / year TDI production plant.

Yi-Chi Chang believes that the rapid increase in production capacity because domestic TDI, production from existing programs and demand situation, the capacity of TDI is far greater than the market demand. The future, as the production of TDI production PCR Tyre capacity, domestic production will be a substantial increase in TDI, TDI will be a market oversupply. By then, the domestic market share of TDI in China will further expand the market supply of TDI long-term pattern of imported products or to change.

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China's tire exports to the EU will suffer

The EU has officially approved a new order for the tire supplier for the goods must be affixed to a fuel efficiency level of content such as gum labels. Member States no later than on November 1, 2011 and published in line with the directive by the laws, regulations and management rules, since November 1, 2012 come into force.

The new directive, the EU market tire supplier should ensure that transferred to distributors or end users have posted 3 tire compliance requirements Laminated Glass of the gum label formats. The directive also suggested that automotive suppliers and distributors should ensure that promotional materials in their vehicles, providing vehicle tires installed on new information and guidance information, including tire fuel efficiency levels and so on.

European Union limits of this three kinds of tires were: C1 (car tires), C2 (light vehicle tires), C3 (heavy vehicles tires). Label should be marked so that consumers of information, including: fuel efficiency rating, external rolling noise, wetlands, adhesion level, and so on.

This is the second after the EU chemicals legislation REACH, but also a technical trade measures. The new decrees will directly increase the cost of test tire exports to the EU, indirectly increase tire production costs and encourage consumers to buy more high-end tires. China's tire exports to the EU more than 95% are low-end products, such products in the fuel efficiency front, will be inhibited. Therefore, the majority of exports to the EU tire manufacturers Tempered Glass instructions should be closely tracking the implementation of the latest developments, and actively improve their products, to ensure that exports to the EU share of affected tires.

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Tire industry in 2009, adverse economic growth in

Statistics show that in 2009 the province produced 292 million tires, up 37.1%; accounting for 44.6% of total output, higher than the national average growth rate of 19.1 percent. Tire exports 3.21 billion U.S. dollars, up 7.7%. Province's 24 radial tire radial tire manufacturer TruckTyre produced a total of 98,784,800, an increase of 30.9%, accounting for 33.15% of total production, speed and efficiency are higher than the national average.

"This is our province tire enterprises restructuring and diversification of the results of market strategy." Shandong Rubber Industry Association vice chairman Zheng Yongxiang that the tire industry in 2009, our province's greatest achievement is significant progress in restructuring. Among them, semi-steel radial tire radial tire with steel ratio of 1.3:1 previous year rose to 1.85:1, the ratio tubeless steel radial tires of semi-steel radial tire and the proportion of low profile has also been greatly improved. In response to the financial crisis and the U.S. safeguard action OTRTyre of tires, many companies adjusted to incorporate low-level products in the high-end products, focusing on development, production to achieve high standards of foreign products, increase energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent products. Such as the Triangle Group, Delicate Group and other companies, changes in international market development for the slide, low profile semi-steel radial tire-selling Europe and America.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, the United States, "Rubber and Plastics News" magazine Pingchu strong 2009 global tire 75, Qingdao Double Star Group ranked No. 23, improved over the previous year 8. More striking is the world, only 4 of 75 PCRTyre strong enterprise sales revenue increased by 50%, and DS into the tire industry as one of the shortest of which is ranked as a true "dark horse."

"The beginning of 2009, we requested in the group: walking on two legs domestic and foreign markets, supporting and retail markets with both hands. 40 year exclusive varieties of following the market and turn around the market, as the market changes." Double Star Group, said Wang Hai, president, abroad, binary rely on a strong market network and the flexibility of the sales team, will be the main target market tire exports from developed countries in Europe and America to South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia's developing countries , as well as Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries transfer. In China, the group offers subsidies to sniff out the national effort to increase agricultural machinery business opportunities, development and design of agricultural tire 40 specifications sales rapidly.

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Green tech rubber chemical additives area of techn

The Centre is headed by the Chinese Chemical Society and the Jiangsu Fine Chemical Industry Committee of Austrian co-founded St., San Austrian anchored in Jiangsu, China Chemical Industry Institute of Fine Chemical received the Commission's operational guidance and professional supervision and management, is the first demonstration center field rubber additives.

Adhering to the "world's best choice for users of rubber chemicals," the vision, while relying on high-quality products, services, and stable Laminated Glass  supply capacity, Jiangsu Sunon rubber chemicals market in the rapid rise of China and into a production, research and development, trade as one of the company, the business network while actively expanding to overseas markets, the company has R & D efforts and innovation in green chemical and continue to make breakthroughs in the field, driving the industry. As early as 2004, the company developed the "RT training low temperature liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation of the Secretary," the whole process of production to achieve zero discharge of industrial waste into the green rubber additives produced a milestone. The company developed the green rubber antioxidant TMQ products will also be put into Tempered Glass operation during the year. The products break through the traditional process, using green clean technology to produce a comprehensive, worldwide set a high technology similar products and quality standards. This year in July, Jiangsu Sunon's one of the three major manufacturing base through the automotive industry quality standard ISO/TS16949: 2009 certification, becoming the rubber chemicals industry in the implementation of the strict standards of minority businesses.

At present, Jiangsu Sunon has been with Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, China Petrochemical Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, University of Akron, Ohio, (the University of Akron) and other well-known universities, research institutions long-term cooperation, achieve scientific and technological innovations more than 170 items. January of this year, Jiangsu Sunon Shanghai R & D Center in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, the completion of the formal expansion.

Li Chun-hsien Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Fine Chemical China Chemical Industry Committee of Director Wang Daquan, Taizhou City, leaders of relevant government departments attended the guests are the listing ceremony.

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Mad rush to buy the tire manufacturers high global

Yesterday's close, the Shanghai rubber futures prices rose sharply, approaching the high point of the year. 2 million transactions a day hand, reduce the 7896 increase in volume and hand positions to 272,434 hand. Main contract in September to 25,390 yuan / ton closed, rose 560 yuan, or 2.26%.

TOCOM Rubber futures close up far down there. Benchmark September contract closed at 320.7 yen RSS3 / kg, down 5.9 yen. But in dollar-denominated Dong Jingjiao prices over the economic crisis before the end of June 2008 of 356.9 yen hit a record high prices.

At the same time, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, rubber cargo in recent months, much higher than the record price of 3.0 U.S. dollars per kilogram, a record high. Thai RSS3 rubber about 3.50 U.S. dollars per kg in trading, Indonesia SIR20 rubber reported late Monday 1.50-1.51 cents per pound, Malaysia SMR20 rubber cargo in recent months, prices ranged from 3.365-3.405 dollars per kg.

Drought caused by tight supply, prompted manufacturers to buy the tire rubber, natural rubber, the two major exchanges in Asia stocks fell significantly faster. Rubber Trade Association of Japan, according to the latest data as of March 20, the Japanese bank a more natural rubber at 10 March of the inventory down 10.7%, to 7,222 tons. The period of the latest published data, April 2 week, the library stocks the delivery of natural rubber continued to decline, compared with March 26 week stocks down 11,063 tons to 63,157 tons.


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Tire power drove to an important "turning point"

First, the industry chain and downstream industry should work together to continue to increase technology investment, enhance the independent R & D and innovation. To create a testing ground and the tire industry, national engineering technology centers, for industry, academia, research cooperation, closely following and the development of cutting edge tire technology, through innovation, integration and the introduction of absorption and innovation, to break the international high-end tire technology and products monopoly situation, constantly nurturing the independent development of intellectual property and advanced technological capabilities of the environment.

Secondly, should also be low-carbon, green, environmental, safety, high performance, intelligent product innovation as the main direction, from raw material selection, formula, pattern, contour, structure aspects, design and development of environmental protection, energy saving "green tire "to reduce dependence on petrochemicals raw materials and reduce vehicle fuel consumption and carbon emissions, reducing environmental pollution; make modern electronic and information technology combined with the tire design and manufacturing to develop" smart tire, "dynamic monitoring tire pressure to run, temperature, speed, etc., to improve safety performance; to develop high-grip performance, high control performance, lack of gas-Performance "safe tires."

In addition, the application should also be actively developing "low-carbon-based, flexible and intelligent" production line, the establishment of the tire model of green manufacturing industry, actively promote and develop the tire industry, economy, create an international low-carbon technology R & D team and the green supply chain.

To achieve better and faster development of China's tire industry, suggested that the state industrial policy as soon as possible, on the healthy development of China's tire industry to strengthen management. One is to actively guide and support their own brands to promote technological innovation, changes in mode of development, construction of low-carbon, green, efficient productivity; 2 is uniformly tire quality, safety, environmental protection, energy saving, Xiao Hao's technical specifications and other mandatory requirements, the establishment of tire exporters of technical standards and certification systems, reduce resource waste and the hazards of international trade barriers; third is to actively develop a strategic green rubber industry in emerging industries and actively develop the second natural rubber - EUG resources, improve the production of natural rubber in China and rubber industry's international status and the right to speak; four are firmly banned the import of used tires, used tires as soon as possible ban on the import directory to include the abolition of customs codes, to prevent importers take advantage of, to avoid waste tire market in China into the world .

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Effectiveness of the domestic rubber industry in 2

Seventh Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum 28-29 May 2010 in Shanghai Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. The following is China Rubber Industry Association, the Secretary-General Fan Rende summary speech at the Forum.

Fan Rende: 2010 is the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of the last year for resolving the international financial crisis and the enormous damage caused by trade, ensuring stable and rapid development of China rubber industry, for the second five starts with a good foundation is important significance. This year China's rubber industry's economic situation is not optimistic about the operation, from the external market environment, the United States tires safeguard in the year 2009, no significant impact on the industry's performance out. 1-9 months of this year Forum 35% tariff increase, so this year, tires safeguard against the worst year for our industry. China's tire exports to the U.S. 1-3 months decreased 18%, the year will affect the United States out of more than 2000 million sets of tires, the implementation of EU environmental barriers on imported tires, will seriously affect China's tire exports. In particular, the recent debt crisis occurred in Greece, the EU has affected the country's economic recovery, the appreciation of the yuan against the euro has reached 14.5%, which would seriously affect China's tires and other rubber products exports to the EU.

From the domestic environment, stimulating domestic demand in China this year than last year weakened, particularly real estate direct impact on cooling the steel, cement and rubber products market close, while prices of natural rubber and other raw materials has soared in recent years, instability will also affect the Rubber Industry quality within the industry in terms of the rubber industry in China is facing its own economic development, restructuring truck tire and the external market environment, the dual test complex. These factors determine the rubber industry in China will encounter great difficulties in running and economic benefits will be decreased greatly. Despite the unfavorable external environment factors, but this year is more hidden in a year of hope and giving, we believe that countries in 2010 will maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies, especially the state will continue program stimulates the development of automobile industry initiatives. Rubber industry has been closely related to the development of automobile industry will be this year's rubber tires and other automotive products steady and rapid development of a major factor, although sales of motor vehicles this year than last year's hot, but according to China Association of Automobile Gu introduced the Secretary-General this year, Auto production will reach 16 million sets of the above, an increase of more than 20% will be maintained.

Another highway, high-speed railway and airport construction and other basic infrastructure projects continue will further promote the right tires, tape Gong Cheng products, finally, the Kuo Tai as stimulating domestic demand in rural Xuqiu the  move to modern Nong Ye Fa Zhan mode of economic development as a major change task, to build a socialist new countryside and promote the role of urbanization as a guarantee stable and rapid economic development of lasting impetus to pursue the cars, and motorcycles countryside activities, to further promote the various products on the demand for rubber, Xiang Xin Xiang Jiao Industrial Jiang China seize the opportunity, in adjusting the industrial structure and changing the growth modes of great efforts, 以 meet domestic and international market changes, Gong Ye Qiang of Rubber in 2010 and maintained a steady and rapid of 发展 an overall increase will be lower Shui Ping, Tai Bufen of Product output will grow by more than 6%, but greater efficiency decreased.


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Tire market competition will once again has change

China's tire industry is facing a greater challenge, in many adverse conditions, industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions, find new export, are put before them the great challenges

After the "safeguard of the times" in the domestic tire industry, costs, and other competitive pressures in exports against the background of moving into industry-related fields in order to occupy a leading position in the market.

The performance of 2009 experience "blowout", the boom of the domestic tire industry will face downward pressure. Although more than half of this year, but industry pressure is still too large, in this year in the second half, with Yuji show, China's tire industry is facing a greater challenge, in many unfavorable conditions, industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions, find new export, 都是 put before them huge problem.

In the beginning of this year, China Rubber Industry Association, 28th General meeting, the China Rubber Industry Association, Fan Rende is that the industry must guard against the problem of excess production capacity, to avoid blind expansion of production capacity, while industry must change the mode of growth, for industry upgrade changes.


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