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2011 China (Guangzhou) International Tyre Industry

Exhibitions include: tire products - all kinds of vehicle tires and wheels, tire manufacturing and design, tire parts and accessories, auto repair shop, tire retreading products, tire retreading equipment and tire-related products; rubber tire machinery and equipment - Tire Manufacturing and test equipment, stand-alone, technology, and molds; rubber raw material - natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, steel cord, skeleton materials; for tire production, renovation and curing of the mechanical equipment and tools; for tire recycling equipment for the repair of the material; for tire repair shop trade and IT-solutions (hardware and software); for tire service professional factory; and other related products services.

Organizers said: cheap Chinese-made tires are increasingly attracting more and more international buyers to purchase and cooperation, the Chinese tire market share in the world, about 15%. With the development of Chinese economy and the auto industry, tire industry in recent years, an alarming rate in China's development, China has become a global tire market, the fastest growing market, China is the world's automotive manufacturers battleground, but also the world tire manufacturers and defend. Tire production in 2009 was 6.5464 billion, an increase of 18%. All tire manufacturers of industrial output value reached 500 billion yuan, an increase of 300% over 2005. Tire industry is to achieve annual sales income of more than 5000 billion yuan, a record 10 years, the best performance, no doubt, the Chinese tire industry very broad market prospects.

The exhibition held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, taking into account the unique advantage of the organizers, said the person in charge: from Guangdong in the social and economic capacity, automotive, tire spending power, status and other details of import and export trade data, we can safely Judgement: tire companies based in China, Guangdong is the symbol of the market is fully open up the best platform for overseas markets. Guangdong has the country's first comprehensive economic strength is the continued development of Guangdong, China's largest consumer market in the economy to ensure that the tire. Guangdong is China's largest automobile production base and consumer market. Guangdong is one of five major production bases of Chinese tires. Guangdong is China's largest consumer market, car tires, tire consumption accounts for 10% of the country, first in the country consumption of auto parts, car service everywhere. Guangzhou is China's largest tire distribution center, Guangzhou is China's largest import and export trade center, Guangdong's foreign trade has excellent location, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and the decision will show the global tire industry, radiation.


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National "tire industry policy" introduced to curb

It is understood that there are about 1,000 domestic tire companies, many private enterprises showing a tire, "the small, many, scattered, low," and so on. The Ministry of Industry made it clear that, to encourage enterprises with comparative advantages, through the powerful combination, brand share, sales integration, etc., behind the merger and restructuring troubled enterprises and enterprises to promote the advantages of corporate resources to focus on Truck Tyre, and promote enterprise development to the group , increased industrial concentration, optimization of organizational structure; guide enterprises cluster development, optimize the layout of the structure; speed up eliminating backward production capacity, promote the product structure adjustment and upgrading.

In the "tire industry policy" in the tire industry to curb overcapacity intention is very obvious. Policy states: new, renovation and expansion project truck radial tires, a form should reach an annual production capacity of more than 1.2 million; built or extended light truck radial tires and passenger car radial tire project, a form should reach an annual production OTR Tyre capacity of 600 million or more. Built or extended load, light truck, passenger car radial tire hybrid projects, single-variety production capacity must meet these requirements. "Policy" also stipulates that, in addition to the relocation and transformation of existing enterprises (including mergers and acquisitions), the restructuring and revitalization of the industrial period (2009-2011), the no longer new, expanded tire project.

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Rhodia Silica Qingdao, the project will reach 17 m

21, a reporter from the High-tech Zone, Qingdao City, Shandong Province was informed that a total investment of 800 million yuan of the OTR Truck French Rhodia Silica Qingdao item 20 in production, annual output will reach 17 million tons, becoming the world's largest tire wear agent base, while automobile tire-related products, will reduce the resistance tires, car tires down resistance 5% -7% after the fuel-efficient.

20, High-tech Zone Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay in the north park, built in 2008, the French investment in Rhodia Silica project was formally put into production. According to reports, the production of silica tires wear agent added important material, the total Truck Tyre investment of about 8 billion yuan, an investment of about 5 billion yuan, covering about 100 acres and an annual output of 7.2 million tons highly dispersed silica, total capacity could reach an annual output of 17 million tons, the project put into operation in Qingdao, Rhodia Silica into a new world-class production-scale plant. The project adopts the international advanced technology, production of low rolling resistance, high-performance energy efficient green tire silica, added to tire after about 20% can reduce tire rolling resistance tires, make light of transport fuel consumption reduced by 5 % -7%, will effectively promote the "green tire" of production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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Natural rubber prices rose tire companies explore

For the recent surge in prices of natural rubber, tire manufacturers unsustainable situation, recently, China Rubber Industry Association, called the tire manufacturing enterprises in Hangzhou Zhongce tires, Double Coin Holdings Corporation, Delta Tires, Truck Tyre,Guizhou Tyre, good tires, exquisite tires, tires southern China, the first tires, tires and other representatives gathered Fengshen capital, explore countermeasures.

Since September 2010, natural rubber prices continued to rise in recent days close to 32,000 yuan / ton, led a variety of bulk products.

China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch OTR Truck ure of the Secretary-General Tsai for the people of the view that the reason why a record high price of natural rubber, mainly for the following reasons: resource-based raw material prices, the demand for rubber rose sharply, production of natural rubber exporting countries restrict exports, the impact of climate lead to partial funding cuts and the futures market speculation.

Chen Jinrong, chairman of Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., said the overall demand for natural rubber has increased more than in 2009, but also within the normal range, the gap between supply and demand should be at 20 million tons, but the gap in the country throwing 5 months ago State Reserve glue should make up the base.


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WACKER display pieces for the production of compos

Optimization of composite parts of the production process is the introduction of a milestone reusable vacuum enclosures. Compared with the traditional thin-film technology, using it can make the series production of composite parts was simpler, lower cost and faster.

This innovative technology is based on the Wacker silicone rubber products ELASTOSIL ® C 150 and ELASTOSIL ® C 1200. They are platinum catalyzed Truck Tyre cross-linking of the two sub-silicone rubber, with production of high quality vacuum cover the key performance requirements. For example, ELASTOSIL ® C 150 has low viscosity and a few minutes at room temperature hardening of the advantages of no shrinkage. Larger size for the production of vacuum enclosures developed ELASTOSIL ® C 1200 can process significantly extended the time for OTR Tyre nearly 20 minutes. This enables the system to do the vacuum hood for specific applications, especially for small boats, aircraft and wind power equipment industry. Because this process is very economic, so cost savings can be significant.

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Panjin build the largest synthetic rubber producti

FUSONG Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center at the inspection after the excitement, this is the development and production of synthetic rubber, a milestone that China's development and production of synthetic rubber to the international.

Rubber has always been an important strategic materials developed countries, in addition to automotive and other civilian areas in a wide range of use, advanced synthetic rubber is aerospace, naval and other strategic areas of need for precision materials Truck Tyre. With the rapid development of automobile industry in China as a car tire inner tube of butyl rubber and a tire inner liner of the halogenated butyl rubber, the rapid growth in demand, the annual demand exceeds 30 million tons, only recently started the expansion of rice in our province The forest, Bridgestone, Goodyear tire factory on the new Big Three automakers to increase production capacity of 40 million tires. But the domestic need to import 70% of butyl rubber, halogenated butyl rubber or all rely on imports. From the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's synthetic rubber production has key support as OTR Tyre a national development project.


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Bridgestone will invest 26 billion rupees in India

Bridgestone Kheda Madhya Pradesh in India's truck and bus radial tire plant. Bridgestone also plans to set up new plant in Chakan to increase the passenger car and truck radial tire production capacity. The total investment amount of the two plants will reach 26 billion rupees, India's Managing Director Hiromi Tanigawa Bridgestone in the Oct. 11 to answer media said.

The new truck tire plant will begin operations in May 2011, initially will produce 200 tires per day. Mr. Tanigawa, Bridgestone in 2006 for India, through the production of radial tire road conditions into the Indian market.

India's rapid economic growth led to the development of automobile industry, truck and bus radial tire demand is growing.

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Swiss high-performance large rubber tires TBR sett

Three industries to relocate to another mountain Fruitful, October 13, 2010, a large Swiss Rubber Co., Ltd. Anhui annual 1.5 million high-performance steel radial truck tires started in the three mountain Economic Development Zone, which will be built in Wuhu City to fill the gaps in tire manufacturing.OTR Tyre

It is reported that the total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, with a high-performance all-steel radial truck tire production line, the project is expected to put into operation in October 2011. As of 2010 the three mountain industries to relocate to a new bright spot, a large Swiss Rubber Co., Ltd. Anhui development, production and sales, the main high-performance, high-grade radial tires.Truck Tyre

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