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Tire Technology Innovation Alliance start in Beiji

Tire Industry Technology Innovation Alliance will start today in Beijing. The alliance tire industry leaders led by Triangle Group, Alliance members to absorb the tire industry has technical advantages of enterprises, research institutes and universities a total of more than 20 units. Technical innovation is the formation of strategic alliances to strengthen our country tire industry technology innovation, industrial restructuring, changing patterns of development imperative.

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Li Yongwu start the meeting that the tire industry Innovation Alliance in the course of treatment should focus on three aspects. One is to establish benefit-sharing, risk-sharing mechanism. Union must be run according to market rules, the establishment of benefit sharing and risk-sharing mechanisms. The second is to keep open. It is necessary to focus on forming a strategic alliance of the core team to maintain effective cooperation between the Alliance and interaction, but also focus on building and alliances Truck Tyre outside the exchange mechanism, to strengthen alliances of other related companies, research institutes, colleges and universities a wide range of contact and collaboration. Third, the objectives must be clear. More than 20 members of the first units to the industrial technology innovation as a link, integrating closely, based on scientific development, targeting the key technology of major industries, common technical objectives, and concentrate to a breakthrough.


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