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Toyo Tire Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang new plant foundat

Toyo Tire Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang in September 9, 2010 in Jiangsu Province, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Yangtze River International Truck Tyre Chemical Industrial Park for its new plant at the ceremony.

Toyo Tire Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd. is world-renowned manufacturer of automotive parts Toyo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. in China's automobile tire production subsidiary.

New plant construction in Asia is Japan's first tire plant, as planned annual output of 2 million tires, is expected to be put into production at the end of 2011.

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TEKNOR APEX SARLINK with the completion of the acq

Sarlink business, including employees, technology, equipment and compound sales offices on three continents, has now become the company Teknor Apex Thermoplastic Elastomers part. Teknor Apex Suresh Swaminathan, vice president, said the business will be under the company's thermoplastic elastomer division, the use of Sarlink ® brand supply products to ensure that users of Sarlink ® TPV compounds, the service continuity. At the same time, Swaminathan said, Sarlink joined the business will enhance a variety of compounds, Teknor Apex as the ability of a single supplier.

Swaminathan to the automotive industry, for example, pointed out that the auto market is the largest market Sarlink TPV products, and Teknor Apex has long been supplied to the automotive market, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Truck Tyre vinyl compounds and nylon compounds. In the U.S., the company will continue to Rochester Hills, Mich., a Detroit-area office, the vehicle manufacturer to carry out sales and support services, while the use of different synergies between business units.

"After the acquisition Sarlink, Teknor Apex to become the most diversified business thermoplastic elastomer compound enterprise, supply eight categories of different polyolefins, styrene and TPV compounds, in the automotive, consumer, industrial, health care, wire and cable and packaging market, accounted for solid position, "Swaminathan said:" With such a wide range of product availability, we can according to customer's specific applications, to propose the most suitable recommendations TPE formulations, and by experienced technical and engineering support staff to provide support. "

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White carbon black production and demand four-whee

It is understood that currently directly involved in the production of precipitated silica are about 59 manufacturers, with a total production capacity was 117.1 million tons, is expected to yield 85.6 million tons this year. The East and Central South region is concentrated area of rubber and footwear industry, precipitated silica 90% of enterprises Truck Tyre in East and Central South regions, and concentrated in Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hunan, 4 provinces. At present, China has become a net exporter of silica, the main exports to South Korea and Southeast Asia. White carbon black in China in 2009 the export tax rebate increase from zero to 9%, driven substantially increased silica export volume, total exports reached 30 million tons last year. 1 May this year, China imports about 4 silica tons and export volume has exceeded 15 million tons, the export situation for the better.

CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Engineering Research and Design Institute, said Professor Zhu Chunyu, with the capacity and technology has improved continuously, the domestic precipitated silica product quality has been basically able to meet the needs OTR Tyre of domestic and foreign markets. He analyzed that the future growth in demand for precipitated silica areas of focus in the following areas.


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Dow Jones reported, Bridgestone announced Nov

Dow Jones reported, Bridgestone announced Nov. 1 the company will increase tire prices in the United States, the highest increase of up to 8%. The price increases related to the company for trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery tires.

Bridgestone Americas Truck Tyre Tire Branch (Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, BATO) Chairman, CEO and President Eduardo Minardi, said at a news conference: "We face a series of market pressures, including rising energy, transportation and raw material costs , so we have to raise prices. "

But the company did not specify the rate of increase of each tire.

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Tire industry, "second five" development framework

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's tire industry has made considerable progress. But with the international advanced level, firm size and industrial concentration gap is still large, R & D and production capacity and level of technology there is a gap, the level of laws, regulations and technical standards to be improved.

For the current industry problems, Wu Guizhong said, "Twelve Five" Development Plan in particular the importance of improving the preparation of industrial concentration, new product development, energy saving and emission reduction Truck Tyre. Changes in mode of development experts, product development, industry access, independent innovation, energy conservation, industry self-regulation six objectives of the proposed development. Product development goals, including radial tire of the rate from 80% to 85%, by using radial tubeless rate of 100%, tubeless radial truck to 60%; industry access and industry concentration targets, including new passenger radial not less than 6 million tires / year, the new truck radial tire is not less than 1.2 million / year moratorium on building bias tire production lines; comprehensive energy saving and emission reduction targets no more than 950 kilograms of standard coal / ton of rubber. Meanwhile, the Plan put forward a proposal of independent innovation key issues involved in strengthening the flat, large rims, high-speed passenger radial tire performance levels, increase energy efficiency to promote tire safety of our own intellectual property, improve the technological level and the giant radial tire technology equipment and other products; R & D to meet the REACH regulation and other tire-related detection technology and application technology, rolling resistance, wet skid resistance, noise and wear and reliable detection techniques and tools, special testing ground for the joint establishment of such high-level tires.


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Panjin build the largest synthetic rubber producti

FUSONG Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center at the inspection after the excitement, this is the development and production of synthetic rubber, a milestone that China's development and production of synthetic rubber to the international.

Rubber has always been an important strategic materials developed countries, in addition to automotive and other civilian areas in a wide range of use, advanced synthetic rubber is aerospace, naval and other strategic areas of need for precision materials Truck Tyre. With the rapid development of automobile industry in China as a car tire inner tube of butyl rubber and a tire inner liner of the halogenated butyl rubber, the rapid growth in demand, the annual demand exceeds 30 million tons, only recently started the expansion of rice in our province The forest, Bridgestone, Goodyear tire factory on the new Big Three automakers to increase production capacity of 40 million tires. But the domestic need to import 70% of butyl rubber, halogenated butyl rubber or all rely on imports. From the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's synthetic rubber production has key support as OTR Tyre a national development project.


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Tire industry, the introduction of structural adju

Encourage the development of safe, energy saving, environmental protection, high-performance radial tires, giant OTR, wide cross-section, a flat tire and passenger tubeless radial truck tires. 2015, passenger car radial tire of the rate of 100% of light truck radial tires 85%, rate of radial truck tires up to 90%; focus on engineering radial tires, radial tires and low-speed air vehicle tire development.

Encourage car companies assemble new tire products to improve the domestic passenger car and truck assembly rate of radial tires, basically the assembly in 2015 and tubeless tire of the meridian. Strictly limit the development of bias tire, in addition to aircraft tires, but no additional bias tire production capacity. Its annual output of 500,000 out of the following natural cotton bias tires and tire cord fabric production line for the skeleton. Limited development of tire radial truck tires.

"Policy" also pointed out the need to accelerate development of isoprene rubber, halogenated butyl rubber and other species, increasing butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber and other varieties of synthetic rubber grades, and gradually increase the proportion of synthetic rubber used and the development of production capacity. Encourage new structure of steel cord and high modulus, low shrinkage polyester cord fabric, tire cord fabric of high tenacity nylon tire reinforcing materials such as the development and use of aramid fibers to accelerate industrialization and application development.


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