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Tire power drove important "turning point"

In 2009, China's tire industry output reached 380 million, sales income of more than 220 billion yuan this year, production is expected to reach 400 million, China has become the world's largest tire producer. But with the world advanced level, whether the tire processing, manufacturing systems or in the preparation of raw materials, technological innovation and other OTR Tyre aspects there is a big gap. At present, China's tire industry reached a critical "turning point." Accelerate technological upgrading, promote structural adjustment, promote energy conservation, changes in mode of development, nurturing a well-known brands in the coming period the main task of the tire industry.

First, the industry should work together on the upstream and downstream industry chain, continued to increase technology investment and improve the ability of independent R & D and innovation. To create a testing ground and the tire industry, national engineering technology centers, the industry, academia, research cooperation, closely following the development of the tire and cutting-edge technology, through innovation, integration and the introduction of absorption and innovation, breaking the international high-end tire technology and products monopoly status Truck Tyre, continue to nurture with independent intellectual property and advanced technology development capability environment.

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