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Tire industry, "second five" development framework

In the tire industry, "Twelve Five" Development Plan prepared by the China Rubber Industry Association, the Economic Commission for tire technology team leader Wu Guizhong, held in Suzhou in the recent "China Chemical Fengshen Cup" tire technology of the 16th Symposium of China revealed , much concern to the industry sector, "Twelve Five" Development Plan framework has been identified, the specific can be summarized in 16 words, change the way of restructuring, independent innovation and harmonious development.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's tire industry has made considerable progress. But with the international advanced level, firm size and industrial concentration gap is still large, R & D and production capacity and level of technology there is a gap, the level of laws, regulations and technical standards to be improved.

For the current industry problems, Wu Guizhong said, "Twelve Five" Development Plan in particular the importance of improving the preparation of industrial concentration, new product development, energy saving and emission reduction. Changes in mode of development experts, product development, industry access, independent innovation, energy conservation, industry self-regulation six objectives of the proposed development. Product development goals, including radial tire of the rate from 80% to 85%, by using radial tubeless rate of 100%, tubeless radial truck to 60%; industry access and industry concentration targets, including new passenger radial not less than 6 million tires / year, the new truck radial tire is not less than 1.2 million / year moratorium on building bias tire production lines; comprehensive energy saving and emission reduction targets no more than 950 kilograms of standard coal / ton of rubber. Meanwhile, the Plan put forward a proposal of independent innovation key issues involved in strengthening the flat, large rims, high-speed passenger radial tire performance levels, increase energy efficiency to promote tire safety of our own intellectual property, improve the technological level and the giant radial tire technology equipment and other products; R & D to meet the REACH regulation and other tire-related detection technology and application technology, rolling resistance, wet skid resistance, noise and wear and reliable detection techniques and tools, special testing ground for the joint establishment of such high-level tires.


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