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The arrangement of 4 circumferential linear grooves combining with block in diamond shape in groove bottom can prevent damage from stone drilling effectively and provide excellent linear ride properties, lower rolling resistance and lower noise. The design of two narrow linear grooves in the shoulder can reduce shoulder heating and prevent irregular wear effectively. Suitable for all wheel tires.

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Both tires new products and environmentally friend

Both tires were new products, Nexans N800 and environmental tire N-BLUE. Currently, the Nexans factory in Qingdao, tires, 80% of the products for export, domestic sales of the products in only 20% and 20% in only 2% of the product supply car manufacturers. Nexans tire sales director, said the next step Nexans is one of the development plan to expand the field of automobile tire package, the current co-operation with Beijing Hyundai have been, but also in the other vehicle with a number of domestic enterprises on cooperation
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Tubeless tires to achieve domestic production of r

According to reports, the technology is based on the chlorinated butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber production technology based on small test done. Brominated butyl rubber manufacturing tubeless tires is irreplaceable raw materials, but also to raw materials, medical rubber products, is a strategic material. Prior to the production technology for the United States, Germany and other countries dominated by multinational corporations. The key technology for the realization of the localization, in 2009, and other relevant research team set up a pilot group of brominated butyl rubber, construction, annual output of 1,000 tons a pilot plant. 200 kg of product is the first trial in the all-steel radial tire, the product 10 million kilometers by the indoor high-speed analog and durability tests, are up to quality requirements. Researchers will further build a computer-controlled continuous production of 3,000 tons of brominated butyl rubber plant, breaking the bottleneck capacity constraints.

 It is reported that the technology was developed by Zhejiang University, Professor Chen Kom Tong Hall led the development, testing by the relevant departments, the major technical indicators and the quality of similar products imported considerable.

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Demonstrate innovative high-performance silicone r

WACKER's exhibition highlights include: fire safety requirements for the application of high and new solid silicone rubber composite components for the new hard and soft solid silicone rubber adhesive (HCR).

 In this exhibition, WACKER will be introduced to meet the highest fire safety standards of a new solid silicone rubber products - ELASTOSIL R 770. These products cure to form a self-extinguishing and flame retardant elastomer. They combustion of a small amount of smoke, and will not release toxic gases. These characteristics make ELASTOSIL R 770 series is suitable for use in rail vehicles, subway / light rail, aircraft, ships and buses are widely used in a variety of flexible moldings, profiles, panels, film and fiber-reinforced silicone band. Typical applications include: high-speed train doors, stick protection device and the wall sections, and the articulated buses off the train shed, aircraft, trains and ships on fire insulation pad.

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Tire power drove important "turning point "

In 2009, China's tire industry output reached 380 million, sales income of more than 220 billion yuan this year, production is expected to reach 400 million, China has become the world's largest tire producer. But with the world advanced level, whether the tire processing, manufacturing systems or in the preparation of raw materials, technological innovation and other aspects there is a big gap. At present, China's tire industry reached a critical "turning point. " Accelerate technological upgrading, promote structural adjustment, promote energy conservation, changes in mode of development, nurturing a well-known brands in the coming period the main task of the tire industry.

 First, the industry should work together on the upstream and downstream industry chain, continued to increase technology investment and improve the ability of independent R & D and innovation. Luntai testing ground to establish industry and national engineering center, where industry, academia, research cooperation, closely following and the development of Luntai forefront of technology, through innovation, integration and the introduction of absorption and innovation, breaking the international high-end tire technology and products Monopoly status, continue to nurture with independent intellectual property and advanced technology development capability environment.

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China's tire market at deep ills

3 • 15 party this year on CCTV exposed, "Kumho Tires use a lot of back mixing" of a ripple. However, the problem is not CCTV Kumho Tire "sudden discovery. "

 In 2008, Kumho Tire deep "bulge"incident, in late 2007 to early 2008, Kumho Tire experience "breaking the door"storm. In addition, in 2004 and 2006, Kumho Tire in the United States has also conducted two large-scale recall.

 China Quality Association in quality and service vehicles only release specific information website "car people network " of complaints over the past few years, the report, the list has been more Kumho Tires.

 The CCTV exposure, the Kumho's first reaction was: "Our use of rubber on the back to develop a scientifically sound production technology standards, and strictly follow the standard production line for production operations, the original film plastic, plastic to add back Ratio is calculated according to weight, not the number of direct proportion, so simple in the video by adding different amount of the compound to determine the Division I violations, is not accurate. "


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2010 China Supply Pattern of styrene butadiene

The actual situation of the international market is a styrene-butadiene rubber plant operating rate of less than 80%, especially around Japan, Korea and Russia, the export surplus to the Chinese market, rubber, tire companies and some multinational joint ventures or wholly-owned plant in China imports the local priority Domestic products (such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan), some larger enterprises tire exports through the export of tires can be imported at preferential prices of rubber raw materials, some to feed the processing trade imported products must be used, so even if the domestic production of styrene butadiene rubber Capacity to meet domestic market demand, annual imports of styrene-butadiene rubber may still be maintained at the level of 15 million tons or even more, so if China wants to consume the excess part of the SBR must increase the proportion of exports. In addition, because of trade barriers to increase exports, improve the resistance to the export of rubber products, rubber and indirect decline in external demand growth.

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Tire companies fought in domestic demand

At this year's trade, the impact of the safeguard, the Chinese tire exports to the U.S. companies generally stagnant situation. But the reporter learned that China's enterprises and not "standing still", but try to open up new markets and new products to be eased.

However, the experts pointed out that China's tire industry to actively alleviate the present difficulties in the same time, the future appears to be on high alert because many enterprises are concentrated, low-cost Internet security case the release of "stagnation" of the production capacity to trigger a new round of trade friction, to industry-wide impact and result in greater losses.

Stagnant U.S. market fundamentals

In the 106th Canton Fair, the total of their exports to the United States exports nearly 1 / 3, Shandong Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. Director of International Marketing Services Sun Shumin said that in the United States to implement the so-called "punitive tariffs", the business U.S. tire exports from the previous month were down more than 30 million direct more than 10 million.
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