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Mad rush to buy the tire manufacturers high global

Yesterday's close, the Shanghai rubber futures prices rose sharply, approaching the high point of the year. 2 million transactions a day hand, reduce the 7896 increase in volume and hand positions to 272,434 hand. Main contract in September to 25,390 yuan / ton closed, rose 560 yuan, or 2.26%.

TOCOM Rubber futures close up far down there. Benchmark September contract closed at 320.7 yen RSS3 / kg, down 5.9 yen. But in dollar-denominated Dong Jingjiao prices over the economic crisis before the end of June 2008 of 356.9 yen hit a record high prices.

At the same time, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, rubber cargo in recent months, much higher than the record price of 3.0 U.S. dollars per kilogram, a record high. Thai RSS3 rubber about 3.50 U.S. dollars per kg in trading, Indonesia SIR20 rubber reported late Monday 1.50-1.51 cents per pound, Malaysia SMR20 rubber cargo in recent months, prices ranged from 3.365-3.405 dollars per kg.

Drought caused by tight supply, prompted manufacturers to buy the tire rubber, natural rubber, the two major exchanges in Asia stocks fell significantly faster. Rubber Trade Association of Japan, according to the latest data as of March 20, the Japanese bank a more natural rubber at 10 March of the inventory down 10.7%, to 7,222 tons. The period of the latest published data, April 2 week, the library stocks the delivery of natural rubber continued to decline, compared with March 26 week stocks down 11,063 tons to 63,157 tons.


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