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Tyre rubber prices soaring prices frequently rise

This year, the tire market prices frequently collective. Among them, the first price increase occurred in the New Year after the collective inertia "for tire tide" period; second price increase in July; and recently, the market price of the tire came up again in September will be the message, the tire will be The third group experienced price increases. Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researchers often Yi Zhi that tire prices mainly by the significant increase in the cost of tire caused.

Currently, tire upstream raw material prices rising, human costs are also rising, but also by the impact of the RMB exchange reform, the RMB appreciation pressure gradually increased, coupled with the reduced export rebate rate for tires and other factors, tyre companies the cost considerably. The tire pressure brought to offset the high cost would take into account price increases on the tires.

Yi-Chi Chang further pointed out that in tire prices affected many reasons, the upper reaches of the rise in raw material prices is a major factor. According to the Investment Advisor "issued by the tire industry in China 2010-2015 Forecast of Investment Analysis and Report" shows that the major cost components in the tire, the rubber tire about half the total cost. Thus, changes in the price of rubber tires had great influence on the cost.

Since this year, rising raw material prices tires. Which, as one of the main raw material for production of tire rubber, since the fourth quarter of last year, prices soared. At present, the natural rubber price has risen to 25,900 yuan / ton, up 100% year on year increase, which directly promote the rising cost of tire manufacturers. Tire business to offset the cost to bring pressure to raise the price of tires.


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