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on characteristics of radial Truck Tire


can speed

We once said, no tire revolution was the development of the world automobile industry. And in 1946 by the Michelin Co invented radial Truck Tire, tire field to bring revolutionary, is an epoch-making. Radial tire is available, not only for modern traffic plays a decisive influence, at the same time, but also to human life brought about by the bright colors.

Firstly, from the perspective of automobile speed, the speed of the mainly depends on the engine, but the tire is shouldering the mission of sacred duty. The United States sprint Ming will Lewis, the quality of its own as the engine of the car, but his feet shoes like car radial tire, if Lewis wore sneakers but not ordinary leather shoes, then, others do not take stimulants can run faster than him. Of course, this is just a joke, but the tires on the importance of improving the vehicle speed.

We may be on the highway seen from the tire off a piece of rubber, this is because the tire speed exceeds its critical speed, resulting in the interior of the tire has accumulated a lot of heat caused by the.

Then, the speed and spin coating what relationship? After the introduction of their relationship, first introduce the tire at high speed to produce a phenomenon -- " standing wave ".

Tyre during running, the tyre and the ground contact portion for loading and the surrounding bending, rotating and leaves the ground, with the curved portion of tire pressure restitution, but if the tire pressure is insufficient or too fast, too late to restore bent portion, the tire will produce wavy deformation, manifested in the tire and ground the site of a nearby, commonly known as " standing wave ".

" Standing " occurs, the rolling resistance of the tire tire rises sharply, in a short period of time to absorb wave energy, resulting in a rapid temperature rise. At this point, if continue to high speeds, which occurs earlier pavement adhesive is shed, and cause tyre blowout.

You can see from the above analysis, " speed - - - - wave temperature degumming burst " are linked together in a line. While the radial tire because ply outside hoop has strong steel, therefore, even during high speed rotation, is not prone to " wave " phenomenon. So the tire can be high speed, while the bias tire. However, everything has its limit, particularly tires, because it plays a comprehensive role, so in the design and production of wheel tyre, has provided the critical velocity ( of course this structure than the bias tire tire speed is much higher ), if the speed exceeds the tire critical speed, the same happens. Therefore, each driver will be aware of their own cars tire speed levels, and in strict accordance with the provisions of the level road, as far as possible to avoid explosion accidents from happening.

Not be punctured easily

Radial tire tread portion because of steel strip layer, therefore, is not easy to be nails and other sharp objects on ( relatively speaking ). Experiments show that, from the tread into the diameter of 2mm nails, bias tire only 196N force can run through, and radial tire wire, need 980N force to penetrate. That is to say, steel radial tire and oblique intersection tyre comparison, both into the same nail, into the tread of the strength, steel radial tire is the tire oblique lines layer 5 times.

The long service life

Because the radial tire crown of strip steel is very strong, therefore, the tire tread portion can use relatively hard rubber, thereby improving the tire wear, prolonging the service life of the tire.

The strong safety performance

Radial tire tread is wide, so it's grip is strong, good braking performance, handling and stability performance good. In addition, we have introduced the temperature is caused by the tire problems are a major cause of radial tire, and because of its sidewall thin, so the running when the temperature is low, heat quickly. In general, radial tire with 110km / h speed continuous running, its temperature is 100 ℃, and bias tire, when the speed of 69km / h continuous running, its temperature is as high as 120. Therefore, meridian tire can be safe, high-speed in the high-speed on the road. In addition, radial tire with sidewall is soft, shock absorption, good ride comfort, low noise.

Test proves, radial tire and bias tire is compared, its wear resistance can be improved about 30% 50%~100%, low rolling resistance, save fuel 8%~10%, enhance traction around 10%~20%, improve the lateral force resistance performance is 50%~70%, punctured tyre oblique lines 5 times.

However, radial tyre side as the thinner, so it is not as good as the tire sidewall resistance to fight, whether Road teeth or gravel roads are very easy to cut the tire sidewall, suffered a fatal injury and useless. In addition, because the tire production process is complicated, the production of strict technical requirements, must have advanced equipment and expensive raw materials, so the tire production efficiency as well as the tire is high, the price is more expensive. Even so, along with the high speed road development, bias tire has been unable to meet the high-speed road, road of high speed of radial tire as a pet, has been more and more by the vast number of pilots favor. At present, the full realization of the tire of meridian of Western Europe, the United States of America amounted to 89%, Japan reached 78%, the majority of countries such as China, the meridian tire also has reached about 30%. As can be expected, tyre industry proportion can be more and more big, the progressive realization of full meridian of just a matter of time.


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Foreign trade PCR tire ISO standard tag


As the world of business development, " ISO " specification will gradually being widely used, at the appointed time, PCR tire specifications world standardization will come. The European symbols refer to Europe and Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Czech, Poland, Romania and other 14 countries in the domestic and international business between a standard. This standard uses the letter "E " to indicate, that is to say in the European countries of all products ( tire was no exception. So in the following analysis of quality certification is the " ECE " ), and "E" symbol, its products are not allowed to sell.

Tire specification in the European symbols is indicated:

( 1 ) 185 / R14 90S

185: tire width ( mm )

R: Meridian project

14: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

90: maximum load

S: maximum speed

( 2 ) 165 / R13 86S

165: tire width ( mm )

R: Meridian project

13: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

86: maximum load

S: maximum speed

( 3 ) 185 / 70R14

185: tire width ( mm )

70: the flattening ratio

R: Meridian project

14: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

From the cases of 1] and [ 2] cases we can see, the tire code symbol without flattening ratio, actually this kind of tire code symbol in the flattening ratio is 82, but in the European symbols is saved not to write. We now journey has many vehicles such as LADA cars using the tire is 165 / 80R13, but more than 80 series tire was flat in the market as the 82 series of adequate supply, the value is 82 series of slightly more expensive, so, when you know your future European symbols, the original car with false if 165 / 80R13, can be replaced by 165R13, such as the original car is the use of 185 / 80R14 tires, can be switched into 185R14 tires, so you will bring great convenience. Remove the 82 series, usually in the tire width and flattening ratio between all use " - " to indicate, rather than using " / " by mark.

The above three mark method, can also be referred to as " PCR ", namely radial car tire ( in front of the analysis of tire type was the "PC" refers to the analysis of passenger car tire ).

The radial light truck symbol. Referred to as the "LTR " symbol

( 1 ) LT215 75R16

LT: light truck

215: tire width ( mm )

85: the flattening ratio

R: Meridian project

16: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

( 2 ) 30× 9.5 75R15LT

30: light diameter ( in )

9.5: tire width ( mm )

R: Meridian project

15: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

LT: light truck

( 3 ) 31× 10.5 R15 107N

31: light diameter ( in )

10.5: tire width ( mm )

( 4 ) 750R16 8PR

750: tire width ( mm )

16: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

8PR: hierarchy

( 5 ) 195R 14C 106 / 104N

195: tire width ( mm )

R: radial tire

14: tyre nominal diameter ( 14~14in )

C: commercial use tires ( light truck )

106: load symbol ( a single round of ~950kg )

104: load symbols ( double wheel ~900kg )

N: speed symbol ( N~140km / h )

The digital symbols. Digit symbol may also be referred to as the bias tire symbol.

( 1 ) 4.50 -12 8

4.50: tire width ( in )

-: oblique scheme

12: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

8: layer series

( 2 ) 6.50 -16 10

4.50: tire width ( in )

-: oblique scheme

16: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

10: layer series

( 3 ) LR78 -15 LT

L: load to symbol

R: Meridian project

78: the flattening ratio

15: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

LT: layer series

( 4 ) T115 / 70D15

T: temporary fetal symbol

115: tyre width

70: the flattening ratio

D: diagonal scheme

15: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

More systematic analysis of tire specifications variety of mark method and their meanings. Master these knowledge, will give you in the next purchase tire bring great convenience, you can pass on the tire is not the same as the width of mark method in accounting, then replace or communicate their own car on the use of tire, to achieve their aspirations of purpose.

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Discussion on the construction of truck tire


Lift truck tire structure, we may wish to recall the history of the development of tire. This regarding our understanding of tire understanding and understanding is very important.

The earliest tires are made from wood, this from our ancient chariots and the foreign gentleman carriage can be seen. Later, when the explorer in 1493-1496 second Kolumb probes new continent arrived in West India islands in Haiti, discovered the local children play rubber lump, which makes him be startled at. Then he put the good things back to the motherland, several years later, rubber has been widely used, the wheels also gradually by the wood into a hard rubber manufacturing. But when the tire is still solid, go up is not sound, and the noise is big. Until 1845, was born in Scotland, civil engineer Tom Rw germinal clear world second pneumatic tires, and to " carriage and other vehicle wheel to improve " problem, obtain the British government patent.

40 years later on 1888, in Ireland when the veterinary medicine Gran JB Mr. Dunlop made inflatable tire patents. At the time, JB Dunlop 's 10 year old son Jonny bought a three-wheeled bike, but because of the tire are hard rubber solid tyre, therefore, on the stony road is not earned, son of complaints aroused Mr. Dunlop idea, therefore, was forgotten for more than forty years pneumatic tire out again. Along with the time travel, Mr. Dunlop invented pneumatic tire quickly in the bicycle has been used, and active towards the car in the field, for the world automotive industry has made great contribution to the open.

During the early stages of the pneumatic tire, use is coated with rubber canvas when the matrix, because the canvas of vertical and horizontal lines cross each other when walking, because the deformation of the tire, lead line conflict, this line is very simple, is worn off, the tyre can run 200-300km.1903 JF, Mr. Nirupama made clear twill textiles, textile invention led to the diagonal cross ply tires opened, so that the tire to go forward. Because of an oblique fork from the tire carcass walking and lead to conflict, cord is not simple ground fault, so life is lengthened. 1930 Michelin made the first tubeless tires; 1946 and invented a world famous radial tire. Therefore, the tire turn is experienced a lengthy process, in this long night, I do not know how many generations in much hard work and wisdom.

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Truck tire how to classify and use?


Truck tire species complex, hundreds more, according to the general habit of tire pressure, purpose, planning, load capacity and other elements of a general classification. According to the plan is different, can be divided into bias tire and radial tire; according to the matrix skeleton materials are not the same, can be divided into artificial silk cord tires, nylon tire cord, polyester tire cord, steel wire tire cord and pouring tire; in accordance with tubeless, can be divided into inner tube and tubeless tyre tire; according to the standard size, can be divided into giant, large, medium and small tire; according to the use of different, can be divided into automobile tires, OTR tire, agricultural and forestry tyre, tire, motorcycle tire tire. During the automobile tire uses can be divided into 5 categories: car tires, light load tyre, tyre, and mining, off-road tire.

The international standard rules, should according to the tire use classification.

Automobile tire planning in accordance with different can be divided for bias tire and radial tire.

Bias tire carcass ply layer and a buffer layer in the adjacent layer Cord Cross, and of the tread center line is less than 90 degrees are inflatable tires, tire ( referred to as the radial tire carcass ply ) and the tread center line form an angle of 90 degrees or 90 degrees is placed near the earth, similar to the meridian line method of tire.

The first selection bias tire fibers as the reinforcement material of tire, industrial equipment is relatively simple and technical content is low, in the process of using the heat high, not suitable for high speed travel, mainly for agricultural vehicles, the low speed truck and bus function. From the direction of the development, to the early tire varieties, will be gradually pick. While the radial tire as depicted on the advantages and ply number, plus in the crown increases the strength and endurance of larger belt, its internal friction and rolling power is small, wear resistance is greatly improved, so the rational planning, high speed, oil saving, safety, comfortable and other interests, with diagonal tyre incomparable superiority, is the bias tire replacement.

Radial tire carcass material according to different can divide for all steel radial tire, semi steel radial tire and all fiber radial tire. Semi steel radial tire is mainly used for loading small passenger car and light truck, and all steel radial tire for high speed and high power truck, bus, container truck and long distance, high grade highway treks trucks and buses, both have obvious differences in use.


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Discussion on the classification of automobile tir


Mention of tire type, there are many kinds of method: according to vehicle classification, classification according to use, according to size, according to the markings classification, classification according to plan.

According to vehicle classification

Tire press vehicle classification, can be roughly divided into 8 types. Namely: PC -- LT -- car tire; light truck tire; TB -- truck and bus tire; AG -- agricultural vehicle tires; OTR -- engineering tyre; ID -- industrial vehicle tires; AC -- MC -- aircraft tire; motorcycle tire.

According to the classification of tire use

Tire press use classification, including truck tires, car tire and tire and other varieties of mine use.

Truck tire except in the sidewall superscript standard standard outside, still must indicate layer series. But here we need notice is, truck tire layer series does not refer to its theoretical layers, but refers to the use of high strength materials cord manufacturing the tire carcass, the load function is equivalent to using a cotton cord manufacturing the tire carcass ply rating. This is because cotton cord is first used in the manufacture of tire cord, therefore, international practice with cotton cord layer for marking tire plies benchmark. Not the same level, tire load can not. Even as a standard tire, due to its layer series is different, its load to is not the same, therefore, different levels of tyre, not on the same axis use, otherwise, running at high speed and load condition would be a risk. For example: the liberation of vehicle 900 - 20 tyres ( 16 level ) can not and 900 - 20 tyres ( 14 level ) and use of the same in a shaft, due to their different load levels, is not the same as, mix after brief seizure risk

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2011 Asian Essen Tire Show

Asian Essen Tire Show has been held since 2007, adhering to the "brand awareness, promotion of trade"exhibition, now in its fourth has been successfully held in China. In the report released last year after the show, we are pleased to find that, regardless of the number of exhibitors, or the number of visitors have shown a steady growth trend. The scale of the show has expanded each year, show the meaning and forms studied under more and more colorful.

 November 2011 upcoming Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show, in addition to conventional display outside the exhibition hall, stadium will also be held outside the variety of activities, contact the organizers are well-known tire manufacturers, consultation jointly organized outdoor car drift Activities, will surely attract more professionals to the eye. Asian Essen Tire Show to provide quality service to win the exhibition, the exhibition process, to address the exhibitors, visitors participating in the different demands, set up multiple business service area, Internet area, business negotiation VIP room, prayer room (that is, respect for the exhibitors The national customs, but also ensure the privacy of religious people), the introduction of the food and beverage service providers, etc. to be convenient for business life, and many staff problems. Especially prominent is the show for free lunch and other services for exhibitors, all exhibitors receive the same recognition. Exhibition will be held over the same period more than technical forums, seminars, new product release is available for exhibitors and visitors an intuitive and efficient platform for brand awareness and make the professional visitors, buyers and exhibitors public financing for the business people One, to further promote the trade.

Asian-Tire Truck-Tyre Tire

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China's tire industry in 2011 bumper accident

China's tire industry is full of challenges encountered by both the sharp decline of foreign markets, but also safeguard the huge U.S. hit. But it is inconceivable that, in addition to 1 to 2 months last year, the market is low, the whole tire industry sales are hot, almost all of the companies full capacity, the industry significantly reduce inventory, efficiency is greatly increased, most tire companies All enjoy the day more moisture. In short, the year-end inventory down is good news story of success. Even more shocking is that from the start of the year the stock market perspective, the tire industry, strong sales momentum continues unabated, many companies that demand exceeds supply, it seems worse than this year's trend also where. This is one of the reasons for that? Tire industry will be hot this year, really it? In the future also has been popular forever? Conducted in-depth interview with this reporter.

 Run last year tire industry figures are very nice.

Tyre - Truck Tyre - Tire - Truck Tire - OTR Tyre - PCR Tyre - Agriculture Tyre

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To the green tire waste tire recycling development

At present, the increasing consumption of car tires, how to handle a large number of scrap tires will not cause environmental pollution? Recently, located in Tianjin Kumho Tire (China) R & D center's data show that the tire manufacturing industry can take advantage of more mature international Waste tire processing projects - TDF waste tire recycling thermal power projects combined to solve this environmental problem.

Today, low-carbon green "green" tire is the development direction of the industry, known as the "black gold" of the tire industry forward "green energy" force, from the R & D to raw materials selection, the "black" color industry is change "green." The research shows that reuse of scrap tires using thermal combined power generation projects, a 75% of scrap tires can be used for power generation of the project, the remaining material of the rubber powder, steel and other recyclable. The project is capable of handling 14 million per year of waste tires, 90,000 tons TDF fuel generating capacity equivalent to burning 20 million tons of coal, renewable energy projects through the above to achieve energy saving environmental protection, and through the waste tire recycling, and finally to prevent the waste tires will be abandoned in the nature and pollute the environment.
Truck  Tyre  OTR Tyre

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