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How to buy a good Truck Tires?


Buy Truck Tiresmust first determine the vehicle 's first tyre specification. Usually car tire specifications identifier is ***\/** R***, are part of digital ( for example: 205\/55R16 ).

This note is, buy the tire specifications must be the original car assembly and tire specifications, such as the need to change the specifications of tire must go to the professional shop converted tire upgrades, or consulting car manufacturer. In the purchase of the tyre, you need to fully consider the performance of the vehicle, driving habits and hobbies, the road conditions and climatic conditions, and then according to Jin Branch of tire product positioning to choosing your tires.

Different specifications available pattern is not the same. The same is Jin Branch brand of tires, a different pattern represents the different product positioning. ( for example: PRIMACY LC Hiroetsu belongs to comfortable pattern, PILOT SPORT 3 belongs to the movement pattern ).

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Truck tires specifications

Import and export truck tires specification has many marked approaches, such as 205 / 60R15 89H, P195 / 75R14, P195 / 75SR14, 92S 165R13, 185 70R14, 750 16LT, 31 ×10.50R15LT and so on, so that drivers do not understand, many, did not know that these figures are representative of what parts of the tire, why Mark approach and every kind of.

In fact we see every kind of truck tires specification is not the same country or different arrangement by the use of different marked method. The front tyre has analyzed each part of the name and appellation refers to the plan, these terms are invariant, so, you know different countries marked the approach mentioned in the back tire parts, also widely, what understood.

① ISO symbols. The ISO symbol is the international standard of symbols arranged abbreviation, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISOt9002, as in the previous analysis of Japanese tire, implementation of the specification is ISO9002, Yokohama tire implementation specification is ISO9001.

In accordance with the 10S symbol, the tire specification must be marked in the following ways:

( 1 ) 205 / 60R15 89H

205: tire width ( mm )

60: the flattening ratio

R: radial plan

15: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

89: maximum load

H: maximum speed

( 2 ) 215 / 65R15 94H

215: tire width ( mm )

65: the flattening ratio

R: radial plan

15: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

94: maximum load

H: maximum speed

② P metric. P metric for the United States of America specification.

( 1 ) P195 / 75R14 92S

P : Airbus abbreviations ( PC )

195: tire width ( mm )

75: the flattening ratio

R: radial plan

14: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

92: maximum load

S: maximum speed

( 2 ) P205 / 60HR14

P : Airbus abbreviations

205: tire width ( mm )

60: the flattening ratio

H: maximum speed

R: radial plan

14: tyre nominal diameter ( in )

It can be seen from the above ( case 1 ) tire load capacity and speed level is in together, and in the back, and ( 2 ) cases in the tire speed level and representatives of radial tire plan alphabet R together, while the load is marked other elsewhere, so, ( 1 ) and the ( 2 ) indicate the approach is slightly different. Although this only shows that methods are not the same, but there are many driver brothers in to buy when the tire, often due to meet to tyres and his used car tire marked approaches are not the same, does not dare to use. For example, some vehicle tire code is 185 / 70SR14, so the driver can use the 185 / 70R14 86S tires. This situation the author in the work which are often encountered, thus, together here emphatically put forward, please have this thought or driver can eliminate early fear, relaxation of purchase, purchase the tire as one wishes.

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Tire on the car 's importance can not be ignored


A car is composed of thousands of parts, and each part, the general can only play a role. Tires, auto parts is one, but, the truck tires and other components of the role played by is not the same, it in the car travel to play the following four functions.

In 1, bear the load.

A car regardless of its weight, or takes the person or object, its weight is to go through the body to the tire, finally by the tire shoulder all the burdens, so, tire in bearing plays a very important role.

In 2, episodes of driving force and brake force

Because the tire is only in contact with the road car parts, therefore, whether it is a car starting, braking, parking trek, still should pass the tyre and the road " communication", and through the tire to end car or drive staff voluntarily.

In 3, buffer and shock absorption

Without a paved road, is mostly rugged gravel, pavement has many stone or pit, package, even paved road, there is often some obstacles, affects the vehicle's normal trek. In this case, the tire will carry forward its excellent buffer and shock-absorbing function, so that vehicles can be more comfortable circumstances. This is because, the tire itself is composed of 50% elastic or rubber, and the air in the tire of excellent shock absorption function, so can the car in bad pavement can also easily.

In 4, changes in automobile travel direction

Whether to still turn required by the car's tires to end, it often according to the drive member to change the direction of vehicle travel voluntarily.

Because of the tire with the four role, therefore, the automobile can be in uneven road safety, freedom, sensitive, comfortable journey; also because it has the four functions, therefore, the tire in the whole automobile parts of importance can not be ignored.

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