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PCR Tyre maintenance three


In 1, I'm driving habits will reduce PCR Tyre life?

Yes! The following are a few helps to extend tire life tips:

Don't overdrive. A high speed will be too much heat, accelerate the tyre wear, weakened the tire durability. Please take the safety, legal speed.

Prevent rapid turning and rolling road shoulder.

Prevent rapid advice and emergency braking.

Don't crush shoulder, avoid pavement potholes and other obstacles. The vehicle travels at high speed, such as tire impact craters and other obstacles will cause the tire to the obstacle and the rim flange occurs between severe kneading deformation, it can constitute a carcass cord tyre cracking, internal compressed air from the gap from the top of the drum kit (see below ). More harsh words, will constitute a tire impact split, instantaneous down completely and can exhibit a vehicle out of control situation.

2, how to maintain the tire?

China certificate for tire would provide more comfortable travel feeling, tread life also extends. Thus:

Please use the correct way to every month ( i.e. in " cold " fetal condition ) check the tyre pressure.

Often view the tire can show off, protrusions, pierce and any damage or irregular wear.

Once found abnormal tread wear, please immediately view the four wheel alignment.

Device for wheel, please ensure the balance.

According to the vehicle user demand may tire manufacturers demand, wheel bearing exchange.

3, what are the factors that decide the life of tire?

Many factors influence the city tire life journey, for example:

Tire drawing

Car condition

Tire protection

Journey conditions

Climate conditions

Driving habits

Thus, it cannot accurate forecast tire journey life. But the master habits about the influence of tire journey life is crucial, so when you control the vehicle during braking, acceleration and cornering please soft operation, which can greatly extend tire life.

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2010 China Supply Pattern of styrene butadiene

The actual situation of the international market is a styrene-butadiene rubber plant operating rate of less than 80%, especially around Japan, Korea and Russia, the export surplus to the Chinese market, rubber, tire companies and some multinational joint ventures or wholly-owned plant in China imports the local priority Domestic products (such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan), some larger enterprises tire exports through the export of tires can be imported at preferential prices of rubber raw materials, some to feed the processing trade imported products must be used, so even if the domestic production of styrene butadiene rubber Capacity to meet domestic market demand, annual imports of styrene-butadiene rubber may still be maintained at the level of 15 million tons or even more, so if China wants to consume the excess part of the SBR must increase the proportion of exports. In addition, because of trade barriers to increase exports, improve the resistance to the export of rubber products, rubber and indirect decline in external demand growth.

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To the green tire waste tire recycling development

At present, the increasing consumption of car tires, how to handle a large number of scrap tires will not cause environmental pollution? Recently, located in Tianjin Kumho Tire (China) R & D center's data show that the tire manufacturing industry can take advantage of more mature international Waste tire processing projects - TDF waste tire recycling thermal power projects combined to solve this environmental problem.

Today, low-carbon green "green" tire is the development direction of the industry, known as the "black gold" of the tire industry forward "green energy" force, from the R & D to raw materials selection, the "black" color industry is change "green." The research shows that reuse of scrap tires using thermal combined power generation projects, a 75% of scrap tires can be used for power generation of the project, the remaining material of the rubber powder, steel and other recyclable. The project is capable of handling 14 million per year of waste tires, 90,000 tons TDF fuel generating capacity equivalent to burning 20 million tons of coal, renewable energy projects through the above to achieve energy saving environmental protection, and through the waste tire recycling, and finally to prevent the waste tires will be abandoned in the nature and pollute the environment.
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China's tire as a "strong"

Past two years, not a single industry in China tire industry is more than remarkable. The end of 2009 the United States on China to the United States to impose anti-dumping tires punitive tariffs, which caused the leaders of our government and national attention. General Secretary Hu Jintao and U.S. President Barack Obama personally involved in dialogue with the hope that a similar tire punitive tariffs not recur. China's tire industry continues to experience the world's giant tire "grab"and"blocking " The main reason is the rapid development of China's tire industry, tire manufacturing in China is becoming the world's great powers, but we are doing "big" at the same time do not sync "Strong. "
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External and internal situation of China's tire wi

So far this year in August, the main raw material of natural rubber tire prices continue to surge, now more than 3 million mark and still continue to create a record high. On the other hand, the United States, India, the European Union and other countries on China OTR tire, radial tire anti-dumping investigation, make China's tire exports difficult.

Statistics show that the relevant departments, rubber prices have doubled in a year: in October last year, the spot price of 1.6 yuan / ton, and this year Nov. 11 in a product price has reached 35,400 yuan / ton. The rubber prices rally still no end in sight, and the resulting production cost of rubber products surged, production and operations unsustainable. China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch official said, the first 9 months of this year, the statistics of the 43 tire production costs by nearly 30%, profits have fallen 20.6%. Efficiency has been a marked decline in loss-making enterprises increased. Tires from China Rubber Industry Association branch in the first 7 months of the statistical report shows that 43 companies in 10 loss-making enterprises, 23.3% loss, the loss amounted to 222 million. The tire company has released more than three quarterly reports show that the profits of the tire industry is not optimistic. Industry insiders estimate that there may be 4-quarter industry-wide losses, will lead to China's Truck tire companies are facing an embarrassing situation.


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China Rubber Industry 2010 Top Ten News

China Rubber Industry Association recently concluded the "2010 Top Ten China Rubber Industry", Review of the industry with the development of rubber industry in China in 2010 a major event.

 China Rubber Industry 2010 Top Ten are the record high price of natural rubber "tire industry policy, " the official release, the preparation of the Chinese Rubber Industry Association, "Five-second the rubber industry development plan Guidelines", in the rubber and the International Rubber Association First joint meeting of unprecedented research organizations, the 60th anniversary of the school of Qingdao University, concerned about the emerging strategic resources, gutta percha, synthetic rubber products in short supply and technical capacity has been exceeded, safety, environmental protection, green tire into the mainstream trend, in the rubber boot Association Recommended hundred companies, brand products, the integrity of rubber tire dealers and traders integrity activities, low-carbon economy and technological innovation for the rubber industry restructuring.
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Increasing demand for rubber products, rubber indu

According to statistics, from January to May 2010, China's rubber accumulated sales revenue of 220.504 billion yuan, an increase of 35.38%, higher than the same period last year increased by 31.57 percentage points. The conveyor belt in the situation is excellent and the hose, rubber seal products, small seals, construction vibration rubber products, automotive rubber manufacturing industry and stimulate the pull, the Chinese rubber industry has come out of the adversity of the global financial turmoil, rapid upward .
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Reclaimed rubber industry in China should be stand

As the rapid development of automobile industry, China has become the world's largest auto consumer markets. Followed the consumption of tires is also growing year by year, resulting in a large number of scrap tires. Therefore, the treatment of a large number of scrap tires become a focus of attention.

 Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Yi-Chi Chang pointed out that the treatment of waste tires are recycled rubber production, renovation, etc., in the treatment of waste tire reclaimed rubber production is based mainly in recent years developed very rapidly. However, due to the lack of advanced technology and production equipment, recycled rubber manufacturing enterprises is very serious low-level redundant construction, reclaimed rubber industry in China is already facing overcapacity problems.
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