4 Major Functions

A tire can provide a vehicle with 4 major functions.

Construction: Radial tire and Bias ply tire

Radial ply casing cords are placed across tire from bead to bead. In addition radial tires have breaker plies running circumferentially around the tire under the tread. Bias ply tires have even numbers of plies with each ply in adjacent directions from bead to bead. The tires may additionally have narrower plies under the tread.
The construction can be determined by size designation. Radial tire has "R" while Bias ply tire has hyphen.

Radial ply tire: 10.00R20

Bias ply tire: 10.00-20
Radial ply tire has the advantages in Road holding, Cornering stability, High speed stability, Noise, Rolling resistance and Tire Life. Bias ply tire has only advantage in riding comfort.

Tubeless and Tube type

In tubeless tire innerliner is attached to the inside of the casing in stead of tube and flap (to protect tube). Therefore in tubeless tire there is less number of parts to manage as well as less heat build up and safer. because of less chance of sudden air loss due to rapture.
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