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GENCO INDUSTRIAL GROUP, is one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, who produce mainly 6 items of tyres and tubes under the main and leading brand GENCO,SOWESTONE, including RADIAL truck tyres-the leading item, NYLON(bias) truck tyres, OTR tyres, Agricultural tyres, Passenger Car tyres, Forklift tyre.

Introduction truck tires

Tyre is one of important parts of the car, it has a direct contact with the road, and vehicle suspension work together to ease the car driving by when the impact to ensure a good car ride comfort and ride comfort; ensure a good wheel and the road Adhesion, to improve vehicle traction, braking and passing ability; bear the weight of the car, tire in the car on the important role played by more and more attention.

Truck Tire Category

Tires from the structure can be divided into: bias tires and radial tires
Bias tire line definition:
Is a multi-cord at an angle from the cross
The composition of Tyre fitting place.
Tire definition: two or three wire by the zoning
Cross placed on the carcass fit on a combination of cord.
From the side of the tire carcass cord connected to the other side of the tire lip lip
From the bead direction, much like the Earth's meridian, so this
Structure called a radial tire tire

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